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Hydraulic Rams & Cylinder

Plant Hoses can offer SALES, SERVICE & REPAIR on hydraulic units, including hydraulic cylinders (welded and tie rod), hydraulic rotary actuators, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and hydraulic ram repairs. with quick turnaround on all projects, keeping cost and downtime to a minimum...

We offer Preventative Service Maintenance programs, where the condition of hydraulic equipment can be assessed to provide solutions and suggestions to reduce the potential for failure and add a choice of system enhancements to maximise performance...


Below are some common causes of Hydraulic Rams, Hydraulic Cylinder and Seal Failures experienced by our team:

Hydraulic Cylinder failure:

  • Bent Rod
  • Scored Rod
  • Seal Failure
  • Damaged End Bearings

Seal Failure:

  • Damaged Rod
  • Contaminated Oil
  • Oil Over Heating
  • Dirt entering through Damaged Rod Seal

We can inspect your hydraulic system and repair even the most badly damaged hydraulic rams...

Our cylinder repair procedure is as follows:

  • Cylinder is disassembled
  • Barrel Inspected
  • Barrel re-honed or replaced
  • Rod Inspected
  • Rod repaired or replaced
  • All parts cleaned
  • Seals replaced
  • All threaded connection inspected
  • Cylinder reassembled
  • Cylinder Tested to 100% rate pressure along entire stroke
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