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Power Steering & Brake Hoses

As well as offering the best Hydraulic Hose Repair Service, we are now able to offer a comprehensive programme for making:

  • Automotive Tubes and Hoses
  • Automotive Brake Lines
  • Motorcycle Brake Lines
  • Power Steering & Fuel Lines

Same day made to order

Faulty Brake Hoses are an Invisible Safety Hazard

  • Average life of a brake hose is six years
  • Brake hoses deteriorate from the inside as well as outside
  • Moisture is absorbed into brake fluid systems through brake hoses
  • High operating temperatures in brake systems contribute to the deterioration of hoses
  • Brake hoses swell with age and restrict flow

Any hydraulic brake and clutch hose to suit any type of vehicle.

All hoses compliant to SAR J1401 and DOT Standard FMVSS106

Every hose pressure tested to 3,000psi

Power Steering

A power steering hose can reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) from the system, but only if you choose the right hose.


Instead of searching for the best coated tube, consider using tubing that doesn’t rust.


Light, compatible with modern fuels, and easy to plumb. Our popular push-connect fittings make for quick and easy repairs or replacement of fuel injection systems.

Brake & Clutch

Our DOT-compliant brake and clutch hoses are individually pressure-tested for a safe, reliable hose every time.


Same Day Delivery Service also Available

We also supply speciality tools, fittings and equipment for a wide range of automotive plumbing applications.


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